Tata Power Solar expands manufacturing facility in Bengaluru

Tata Power Solar

Tata Power Solar announced significant expansion and modernization of its manufacturing facility in Bengaluru, India.

In a press conference conducted today, Tata Power Solar said the two-stage expansion helped the company double its module capacity to 400 MW from 200 MW, and increase its cell manufacturing capacity by 65 percent from 180 to 300 MW.

Talking about the expansion, Anil Sardana, chairman, Tata Power Solar, said, “A robust domestic, qualitative manufacturing base is the backbone of any nation and is a strong foundation for long-term viability of the sector. The gradual turnaround of the company and its expansion in capacity has been a hallmark achievement of Team Tata Power, when other sector players are still facing challenges of sustained economics.”

The expansion comes on the backdrop of the recent achievement of Tata Power Solar on being the first Indian company to have shipped 1 GW module worldwide.

“Our pragmatic approach of continuous investment in technology has helped us stay relevant and sustain our leadership position in India for over 27 years,” said Ashish Khanna, executive director and CEO, Tata Power Solar.

Shreya Joshi/ Akash Singh

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