Trina Solar Inks Monumental Deal with Solar Juice for 1GW Module Purchase

Trina Solar Energy Solutions at RE 2023

Trina Solar, a global leader in PV and smart energy solutions, has sealed a game-changing Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Australian solar distributor Solar Juice. This strategic alliance is set to redefine Australia’s solar landscape, with Solar Juice committing to purchasing a staggering 1GW of Trina Solar Vertex modules across a span of three years.

The agreement marks a substantial milestone in the Australian solar market, with Trina Solar making available its full range of Vertex N modules for both residential and commercial projects. These modules, including the Vertex S+ NEG9R.28 and NEG9RC.27 (450W+ mono-facial modules) tailored for residential use, and the Vertex NEG18R.28 (a 500W+ n-type i-TOPCon dual-glass module) designed specifically for commercial and industrial applications, are set to revolutionize the industry.

The collaboration extends beyond a mere supply agreement, aiming to synergize the expertise of both entities to optimize value for residential and commercial customers. This strategic partnership capitalizes on Trina Solar’s innovative technology and Solar Juice’s established distribution network, ensuring top-tier solar solutions for the growing Australian market.

Rami Fedda, co-founder of Solar Juice, expressed their enduring partnership with Trina Solar, highlighting Trina’s consistent innovation and unwavering support in serving the Australian market since 2011. The 1GW MoU stands as a testament to this enduring relationship, poised to meet the escalating demands of Australia’s burgeoning residential and commercial sectors.

Edison Zhou, Trina Solar’s Head of Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands, commended Solar Juice for their continued confidence in Trina Solar’s products. He emphasized the unparalleled features of Trina Solar’s latest Vertex S+ dual-glass module series, citing the incorporation of cutting-edge 210mm rectangular silicon wafer (210R) cells and n-type iTOPCon technology, promising superior power, efficiency, and guaranteed lifetime output. This technological leap translates to a reduced cost of electricity and minimized balance of system expenses, ensuring customers benefit from a quicker payback period.

The monumental 1GW MoU between Trina Solar and Solar Juice not only consolidates their long-standing collaboration but also signifies a transformative leap toward a more sustainable and energy-efficient future for Australia’s residential and commercial sectors.