Trina Solar presents innovative TrinaPro for 10-30% energy gains

Trina sets module efficiency record

Trina Solar has launched a new smart PV solution, TrinaPro, at its global headquarters in Changzhou, China.

Trina Solar developed TrinaPro in agreement with Huawei Technologies, Sungrow Power Supply and Nclave Renewable.

TrinaPro, which is designed for utility-scale ground mounted PV systems, is the first smart PV solution with an optimized combination of Trina Solar’s solar modules, solar tracker systems or floating systems, and inverters.

The company said TrinaPro includes both ground-mounted solutions and floating solutions. The ground-mounted solution features a solar tracker system, which will help improve energy gain by 10-30 percent. The floating solution will cover several application scenarios such as reservoirs, lakes, beaches, etc.

TrinaPro can improve system stability with higher power generation and lower BOS cost in order to reduce system LCOE.

TrinaPro can analyze and process data from the cloud to optimize the system’s operational model and ensure the system runs smoothly and efficiently.

“By the optimized combination in terms of improving power generation, lowering system LCOE and integrating smart O&M systems, TrinaPro will help its clients to reach higher return on investment,” Gao Jifan, chairman and CEO of Trina Solar, said.