Trina Solar sets new efficiency record for mc-Si solar cell

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Trina Solar announced that its p-type multi-crystalline silicon solar cell has set a new world record for a high-efficiency p-type multi-crystalline silicon (mc-Si) solar cell.

The 156×156 mm2 solar cell reached a total-area efficiency of 21.25%.

The silicon solar cell was fabricated on a high-quality mc-Si substrate with a process that integrates advanced Honey Plus technologies including back surface passivation and local back surface field, the company said.

This result has been independently confirmed by the Fraunhofer ISE CalLab inGermany.

This efficiency record breaks the previous 20.76% efficiency world record for mc-Si solar cells also established by Trina Solar one year ago. To set this new record, only low-cost industrial processes which can be easily integrated into large-volume production were used.

According to Dr. Pierre Verlinden, vice-president and chief scientist of Trina Solar, this is the first time ever that a multi-crystalline silicon solar cell has been able to achieve a conversion efficiency of over 21 percent.

The company aims to continuously integrate innovative technological developments to improve the efficiency and lower the cost of our PV products, Verlinden added.

Rajani Baburajan

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