Trina Solar signs deal with Plant-for-the-Planet to offset Carbon emissions of F1 team

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Trina Solar signs deal with Plant-for-the-Planet to offset Carbon emissions of F1 team

Greentech Lead Asia: Trina Solar, a manufacturer of solar
PV modules, will partner with the Plant-for-the-Planet Children’s Initiative to
offset the carbon emissions of the Lotus F1 Team single seaters, the Formula 1
racing team it sponsors.

With this partnership, Trina Solar will plant 27,000
trees in next three years to offset carbon emissions 

from the team’s Grand Prix track activity over the course of five full seasons
of Formula 1.

“Through this partnership, we are taking a step to
transform Formula 1 into a greener enterprise. More than 500 million people
watch Formula 1 every year and we can educate that large audience on the
importance of solar energy and sustainability,” said Mark Kingsley, chief
commercial officer of Trina Solar.

Trina Solar will also host a full-day educational event  at
its headquarters in Changzhou, where children will learn how to become active
against the climate crisis and plant trees on Trina Solar’s campus while also
being given a chance to learn how solar panels are made and discover the
benefits of solar energy.

Trina Solar’s initiative partner, the
Plant-for-the-Planet Children’s Initiative, is involved in Billion Tree
Campaign launched by the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP). The trees
will be planted in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Congo, Namibia, Malaysia, Brazil and
China. The Plant-for-the-Planet Children’s Initiative has already planted more
than 12 billion trees in 193 countries.

Recently, Trina Solar and
Patrick Dempsey, actor, race car driver, and advocate, has teamed up for a new
philanthropic initiative to bring clean energy to communities around the U.S.

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