Trina Solar Unveils Cutting-Edge Solar Technologies and Integrated Solutions at RE+ 2023

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Trina Solar, a leading name in the solar industry, left a significant mark at the RE+ 2023 conference in Las Vegas by showcasing its latest innovations.

Trina Solar’s groundbreaking offerings included the Vertex N and Vertex S+ modules featuring n-type i-TOPCon Advanced technology. Additionally, Trina Solar presented a suite of vertically integrated solutions, including TrinaTracker, TrinaStorage, and TrinaHub, with a special highlight on their utility-scale battery system, Trina Storage Elementa.

Trina Solar’s n-type i-TOPCon Advanced technology promises enhanced efficiency, long-term reliability, and reduced levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) for solar developers, EPCs (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction), and installers. The company presented its full Vertex n-type family portfolio, comprising Vertex S+ and Vertex N modules designed for various application scenarios, such as residential rooftops, commercial and industrial rooftops, and utility-scale power plants.

The Vertex S+ series modules offer high power output within a compact design tailored for residential solar applications. These modules utilize 210mm rectangular n-type TOPCon cells and cover an area just under 2 square meters (1,762mm*1,134mm).

The Vertex N 610W series modules are highly compatible with tracking systems, offering a 13 percent increase in installation capacity for single-row tracker setups. The innovative module dimensions enhance feasibility for utility-scale or commercial and industrial (C&I) solar applications while improving the utilization rate of 40HC containers to an impressive 98.5 percent, effectively reducing logistics and balance of system (BOS) costs for customers.

Trina Solar displayed the electronically presented Vertex N 700W module at their booth. Following the mass production of the Vertex N 700W+ series modules in August, Trina Solar has become the pioneer in mass-producing TOPCon modules with power output exceeding 700W.

The Vertex 670W series modules, featuring a 210mm PERC cell, offer an optimal combination of low LCOE, high efficiency, high power output, high energy yield, and high reliability.

In addition to its advanced module technology, Trina Solar also showcased its integrated smart energy solutions, offering simplicity, innovation, and effectiveness in solar project development. This comprehensive solution, combining modules, trackers, and energy storage, ensures integration, safety, and reliability in end-customers’ systems.

The Vanguard 1P, adopting a 1P single-row design, boasts technology advantages that guarantee higher reliability, increased power generation, reduced balance of system (BOS) costs, and enhanced adaptability. Rigorous wind tunnel testing, covering dynamic, static, and aeroelastic simulations, demonstrates the product’s high reliability in withstanding extreme weather conditions. The Vanguard 1P series is fully compatible with ultra-high power modules ranging from 400W to 700W+.

Trina Storage, a division of Trina Solar, showcased its utility-scale battery system, Elementa, which employs modular battery technology featuring the company’s self-developed TrinaCell with an ultra-long lifecycle exceeding 12,000 cycles. Trina Storage also introduced its in-house Energy Management System (EMS) platform, engineered for maximized control, efficiency, and sustainability. The E²MS is a comprehensive software and hardware solution seamlessly integrating with grid-scale battery storage systems, facilitating efficient control, monitoring, and optimization of energy flows.

Trina Storage has ambitious expansion plans, with a target of reaching a total Energy Storage System (ESS) capacity of 12GWh by the end of 2023, further increasing to 25GWh by the end of Q2 2024.

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