Trina Solar unveils TrinaTracker and 670W+ Vertex modules in India

By Editor


Trina Solar announced the launch of TrinaTracker into India and its 670W+ Vertex module.

Trina Solar India director Gaurav Mathur, says: “670W Vertex modules can be packed vertically – rather than horizontally – which means 12 percent more modules can be packed in each container, reducing shipping costs by 12 percent for each module.”

670W Vertex series inherits the non-destructive cutting, high-density interconnection and other high-precision technologies of earlier Vertex modules. The 670W module has more power and the single string power gets 34 percent higher than that of 500W+ modules in the industry.

The new Vertex modules also deliver lower balance of system (BOS) cost, because of less cabling, fewer mounting systems, combiner boxes, etc. Having fewer solar cells for each module reduces the voltage. It means for Trina Solar Vertex modules you can have more modules per string, delivering additional BOS savings.

The combination of trackers and bifacial PV deliver 15-20 percent boost to yield and accordingly unlock a reduction of 5-8 percent for LCOE as compared to fixed-tilt.

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