Trina Solar’s Vertex N 720W Modules Power Agrivoltaic Farming and Desert Solar Projects

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Trina Solar said a 100MW agrivoltaic farming project in Wanning, Hainan province has been connected to the grid in mid-February, leveraging’s Vertex N 720W series modules.

This project, expected to generate an average power output of 133 GWh, embodies the innovative PV + agriculture model. By integrating vegetable greenhouses beneath solar panels, the initiative not only promotes environmental conservation but also fosters social development by creating approximately 100 job opportunities for local farmers.

Trina Solar, renowned globally for its smart PV and energy storage solutions, has enhanced its i-TOPCon technology, leading to the upgraded Vertex N 720W series modules boasting an impressive efficiency of up to 23.2 percent. These modules have garnered widespread adoption worldwide, with the Wanning project representing just one among many deployments.

Further emphasizing the reliability and versatility of Trina Solar’s Vertex N 720W series modules, a 500MW PV power station situated in a high-altitude desert region of northwest China recently commenced grid connection in late December. This vast installation, entirely powered by Trina Solar’s modules, is projected to yield approximately 1 billion kWh annually.

Additionally, the completion of a 30MW integrated photovoltaic energy storage project, also utilizing Trina Solar’s modules, underscores their suitability for challenging environments like desert regions.

Moreover, a high-altitude solar and storage plant, utilizing 88MW Vertex N 720W series modules, was successfully connected to the grid in November, further cementing Trina Solar’s position as a preferred choice for large-scale solar projects.

Cao Yunduan, head of branding and marketing at Trina Solar, emphasized the modules’ exceptional reliability, particularly in rugged conditions, contributing to their widespread adoption. Cao Yunduan expressed confidence in the continued global deployment of Trina Solar’s Vertex N 720W series modules.

Trina Solar remains steadfast in its commitment to advancing smart PV and energy storage solutions, spearheading innovation with its mainstream n-type i-TOPCon technology. With a focus on reliability and efficiency, Trina Solar is poised to maintain its leadership in the 700W+ era of the solar industry, paving the way for a sustainable energy future. News Team

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