TrinaTracker Powers 120MW PV Plant in Dunhuang, China

By Editor


TrinaTracker, a leading smart solutions provider under Trina Solar, has connected a 120MW photovoltaic (PV) power generation plant in Dunhuang, located in Gansu province, northern China, to the grid.

The project, developed and constructed by Longyuan (Dunhuang) New Energy Development, and executed by PowerChina Ningxia Engineering, relies on solar trackers supplied by TrinaTracker. Situated in the Andun Basin within the Gobi desert, renowned for its intense solar radiation, the plant spans nearly 2.4 square kilometers and is poised to generate 290 GWh of electricity annually.

TrinaTracker’s Vanguard 2P products, featuring a structural configuration that reduces balance of system (BOS) costs, serve as the backbone of the project. Vanguard 2P has emerged as a flagship product for TrinaTracker, with ongoing research and development efforts focused on optimizing compatibility with ultra-high-power 700W+ modules to maximize power generation efficiency at the new facility.

Commencing in October and completed by December 2023, the project was integrated into the grid in January 2024.

Chen Yujia, project engineer at Trina Solar, emphasized the company’s commitment to maintaining high-quality standards throughout the product lifecycle. Yujia highlighted TrinaTracker’s agile response to customer needs, facilitated by a dedicated team of professionals and robust supply chain management practices, which have garnered praise from customers.

Wang Jianfeng, project leader at Longyuan (Dunhuang) New Energy Development, commended TrinaTracker’s Vanguard 2P trackers for their high energy yield and reliability, contributing to a reduction in the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) over the project’s lifespan.

Wang Jianfeng also lauded TrinaTracker’s responsive project fulfillment team and intelligent supply chain system, which facilitated rapid commissioning. He expressed eagerness to collaborate with TrinaTracker on future projects.

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