TrinaTracker Unveils Vanguard 1P and 700W+ Module Integration, Revolutionizing Solar Tracking

By Editor


TrinaTracker has introduced an innovative pairing of the newly enhanced Vanguard 1P with 700w+ modules, marking a significant leap in intelligent tracking solutions for the solar industry.

The Vanguard 1P, launched on December 15, stands as a pinnacle of quality, prioritizing heightened safety and enhanced reliability. Specifically tailored for customers requiring trackers in composite application settings, it sets a new standard in solar tracking technology.

The company’s approach emphasizes swift installation techniques, aiming to curtail installation expenses and augment construction efficiency, especially in intricate installation environments. The revamped Vanguard 1P incorporates a streamlined pipe design that halves torque tube connection time. Its multi-drive system reduces drive installation time by 30 percent, while split spherical bearings and a quick purlin installation system collectively trim installation periods by 20 percent and 30 percent respectively.

A standout feature of the upgraded Vanguard 1P lies in its incorporation of the proprietary SuperTrack smart algorithm and the Trina Smart Cloud monitoring platform. SuperTrack, a cutting-edge algorithm, promises energy gains of up to 8 percent compared to traditional methods. Real-time self-learning and self-optimizing capabilities mitigate power losses arising from shading in complex terrains.

Moreover, the Trina Smart Cloud monitoring platform provides real-time tracking of operational status and offers specialized functionalities such as data sharing, a 3D digital map, and health diagnostics, effectively resolving operational and maintenance challenges in intricate terrains.

Utilizing the enhanced Vanguard 1P enables a remarkable reduction in trackers per MW by 43 percent, posts per MW by 4 percent, and boosts installed capacity by 16 percent compared to conventional 1P trackers, ultimately lowering Balance of System (BOS) costs.

Quan Peng, head of R&D in the Tracker Division at Trina Solar, highlighted, “The new-generation Vanguard 1P integrates adaptability to terrain, construction, climate, and peripherals seamlessly. It perfectly aligns with 700W+ modules, significantly reducing BOS costs by RMB 0.038/W and improving IRR by up to 0.4 percent under typical conditions in flat terrains when compared to using 630W modules.”

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