UL launches PV testing laboratory in India

Solaria PV technology

UL has launched its PV testing laboratory in New Delhi, India – targeting solar PV system owners and operators.

The PV testing laboratory will assist solar PV system owners and operators to identify, evaluate and replace underperforming modules directly at the solar plant site, allowing them to minimize downtime.

UL said it is the first independent third-party certified and accredited company to launch a mobile PV testing laboratory in India.

Underperforming PV modules can bring down the energy output of entire solar power plant posing risk in terms of internal rate of return, damage to the modules and loss in power generation, Chakradhar Byreddy, director for renewables in Asia Pacific for UL, said in a statement.

The mobile facility combines an A + A + A solar simulator with a high-resolution electroluminescence test system according to IEC 60904-9. It enables standard-compliant and precise on-site testing at maximum throughput.

In one shift, solar engineers can conduct a detailed check for up to 300 modules. The unit can conduct tests on insulation, performance with low irradiance, performance at Normal Operating Cell Temperature (NOCT) and temperature coefficient.

The facility detects under performance as well as hidden defects such as micro cracks, inactive areas or hotspots in the module quickly and reliably.