Upsolar’s announces the availability of Tigo-integrated smart solar PV modules in U.K

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Upsolar, a provider of solar PV modules, announced the availability of its smart solar PV modules in the U.K through its distributor Ecolution Renewables.The smart modules are designed by integrating Tigo Energy’s optimizers into the junction boxes of Upsolar modules during the manufacturing process. The process enhances the flexibility of system design, eases the installation process and reduces balance of systems costs.

Tigo Energy’s solar optimizer SmartModule technology utilizes patented impedance matching technology enabling 25 percent more power density and efficiency on any roof or utility project, uneven string lengths and different orientations. Installers and system owners achieve the highest ROI by increasing energy production and maximum system uptime for new systems and retrofits.

Systems featuring smart modules are equipped with real-time monitoring capabilities, allowing customers to access and analyze performance data at the module level through Tigo Energy’s module-level monitoring software and mobile app.

“Upsolar is known for its meticulous attention to product quality and customer service—characteristics we hold in high esteem for both our partners and ourselves,” said Richard Jenkins, managing director for Ecolution Renewables. “We’re proud to offer our customers Upsolar’s full product suite, including smart modules, as we strive to make solar power available to all.”

“Aligning our company with a reputable name like Ecolution Renewables vastly expands our reach across the region,” said Justin Canning, Upsolar’s UK manager. “As Upsolar’s valued partner offering MCS-certified smart modules, Ecolution can provide its customers with a major opportunity to further enhance their PV offering.”

Upsolar selected for a 2 MW project by RSEnergy in Greece

Recently Upsolar announced it was selected for a 2 MW project by RSEnergy Hellas Solartechnik (RSEnergy), major energy engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) firm based in Greece.

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