Verengo Solar leads California in residential sales and job growth

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Verengo Solar leads California in residential sales and job growth

Greentech Lead America: Verengo Solar is leading the
residential solar sales in California for the months of January and February.

Verengo Solar claims that the company will be on track to
become the leading residential solar company in California, the nation’s
largest solar market, according to data released by the California Solar
Initiative (CSI).

The data shows that Verengo is the state’s leader in
total sales for both January and February. Verengo also reported adding 44 new
jobs in January and 40 new jobs in February, in addition to the 400 employees
the company hired in 2011.

“We expect to add another 400 jobs this year as
well,” Verengo Solar CEO and Co-Founder Randy Bishop told CBS Evening

Bishop attributes Verengo’s
success to the company’s ability to connect with middle income homeowners, who
previously considered solar as a luxury.

“Because of the new financing options we offer our
customers like zero down leasing, the public perception of home solar is
catching up with the economic reality of the marketplace. It’s also helped that
solar panel prices have fallen nearly 50 percent this year. That’s a savings of
three to five thousand dollars for a medium-size home,” Bishop added.

“With the drop in prices brought on by recent technological
and permitting advances, lower panel costs and increased financing options,
home solar is now affordable to most Californians. More and more middle income
homeowners are choosing Verengo because they understand with today’s financing
opportunities, such as zero down leasing, they no longer have to make a large
upfront investment. They can start saving money on lower utility rates
immediately and lock in those rates for 20 years to come,” said Verengo
President and Co-Founder Ken Button.

Verengo offers comprehensive financial options and
superior customer service, and consistently earns an A+ with the Better
Business Bureau. Verengo has significantly reduced carbon emissions through its
solar power systems, accomplishing the equivalent of planting 192,000 acres of
trees, taking more than 76,000 cars off the road and saving homeowners $160
million in energy costs over the lifetime of Verengo’s installed systems to

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