Vikram Solar makes landmark entry in Finnish renewable energy market


Solar module manufacturer Vikram Solar has announced entry to the Finnish market through a strategic partnership with Finnwind.

Finnwind, the system integrator, manufacturer and installer of renewable energy systems, will be the exclusive supplier of Vikram Solar modules in Finnish market.

The partnership also marks the first direct cooperation between an Indian and a Finnish company, and enjoys the support of the Indian Embassy in Finland.

VikramSolar’s polycrystalline Eldora solar modules are certified for area loads of 5,400 Pa and are therefore especially suited to the extreme conditions in Finland. J

uhaPölönen – Partner, Sales & Marketing at Finnwind Oy, said, “Finland has harsh weather conditions and solar panels must not only resist the heavy snow loads but also perform for many years under these conditions. The fact that utilities have already had positive experiences with Vikram Solar modules is another important factor for our customers and partners in the energy industry.”

“With approximately 5 MW of installed capacity in 2015, the Finnish market is still comparatively small, but we expect continuous growth including of our project volumes in Finland”, says DavideMarro, head of Sales and Business Development Europe at Vikram Solar.

“In addition, geographic proximity allows us to better meet the needs of customers in other Scandinavian markets such as Sweden as well as implement projects in Estonia,” Marro added.

Indian Ambassador Ashok Kumar Sharma congratulates the companies on their collaboration, “I am extremely pleased to see Indo-Finnish collaboration in the solar sector here in Finland and will support both parties to strengthen their ties in future.”

Rajani Baburajan

[email protected]