Virginia Regulators Approve Dominion Energy’s Expansion of Solar Projects

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Virginia utility regulators granted approval on Friday for a series of new solar projects totaling 764 MW in electricity capacity, furthering Dominion Energy’s commitment to bolstering its clean energy portfolio in the state.

The construction will support more than 1,600 jobs and generate more than $570 million in economic benefits across Virginia. The cost of the projects is estimated to add approximately $1.54 to the average residential customer’s monthly bill. Dominion Energy Virginia’s rates are currently 12 percent below the national average and 31 percent below the Mid-Atlantic average.




Beldale Solar

57 MW

Powhatan County

Blue Ridge Solar

95 MW

Pittsylvania County

Bookers Mill Solar

127 MW

Richmond County

Michaux Solar

50 MW

Henry & Pittsylvania Counties

The Virginia State Corporation Commission sanctioned over a dozen projects, comprising four solar facilities totaling 329 MW to be owned or acquired by Dominion Energy. Additionally, the approval included power purchase agreements for independently-owned solar projects, collectively delivering 435 MW of capacity.

Upon completion, Dominion’s solar projects in Virginia will exceed 4,600 MW, with the capability to power over 1.1 million homes at peak output, as per the utility’s estimates. Dominion anticipates these solar endeavors to be operational by 2026, contingent upon obtaining requisite local and state permits.

Last October, Dominion proposed these projects to Virginia regulators, seizing the opportunity to leverage federal clean energy incentives provided in the Inflation Reduction Act. The legislation offers substantial tax credits and direct payments for clean energy resources, facilitating Dominion’s pursuit of renewable energy initiatives.

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