Vista Solar earns $100,000 from their plant in a fallow land

Last year, Vista Solar installed a 792kW solar system on a block of fallow, unusable land at Uesugi Farms.

Within a year the solar system has generated over $100,000 in savings and by offsetting the farm’s electric bill by more than 90 percent.
The facility produces more than 1.25 million kWh of solar energy annually, enough to power more than 100 homes.

The generated savings have been used to fund several organizational investments.

Vista Solar Inc Uesugi Farms solar system

The savings were utilized to increase the cooling operation, purchase an ice injector, add facilities in packing section and purchase equipment like a forklift, says Pete Aiello, owner and general manager, Uesugi Farms.

Beginning with a zero amount of operating lease, the system earned cash from day one, and is estimated to generate around $2.6 million savings in next 25 years.

Vista Solar has helped to turn a business liability into an asset. They have provided expertise in designing and installing the system and also excelled in all the related aspects including the financing assistance and educating the staff about solar, explained, Aiello.

Businesses like Uesugi Farms are motivated by the significant savings provided by the solar. Being able to provide a way to start saving with solar right away while preserving precious capital and lines of credit is one of the things that makes this project and Vista Solar so unique, said, Jaymes Callinan, president, Vista Solar.

The fallow parcel of farmland was prone to flooding, which Vista Solar transformed into a solar power plant.

The system, elevated above the ground to avoid flood damage, comprised of Canadian Solar panels and Refusol inverters mounted on a Solar FlexRack substructure.

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