Westinghouse Solar in pact with CBD Energy to distribute solar power systems in Australia

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Westinghouse Solar in pact with CBD Energy to distribute solar power systems in Australia

By Greentech Lead Australia:  Westinghouse
Solar, a designer and manufacturer of integrated rooftop solar power systems,
and CBD Energy, a diversified renewable energy company, jointly announced plans
to begin distributing Westinghouse Solar Power Systems in Australia.

Westinghouse Solar merges with CBD Energy

Recently both companies signed a merger agreement. The
merger will provide Westinghouse Solar opportunities to distribute its systems
in Australia and Europe through CBD. CBD has begun marketing the Westinghouse
Solar products to its Australian distribution partners and is pursuing
opportunities to increase contract volumes with its current customers who would
deploy the Westinghouse Solar technology.

“In parallel with our efforts to complete our
pending merger with CBD, both companies are committed to growing the business
in a collaborative effort. As a first step, CBD, through its solar
subsidiaries, has agreed to market and install our solar power systems in the
Australian and other international markets. The Australian market enjoys a
sound regulatory environment for solar, and provides an opportunity for us to
grow revenue in a non-US market devoid of risk of punitive tariffs,” said
Margaret Randazzo, Westinghouse Solar CEO.

Westinghouse Solar plans to begin shipping to CBD in the
third quarter of this year. The companies also plan to assemble Westinghouse
Solar products in Australia at CBD’s newly established solar panel
manufacturing facility.

Westinghouse Solar offers web-based system monitoring
and better energy collection, CBD believes that this will be important
advantages in the Australian market.

“A key reason for pursuing this merger was the
strength of the award winning technology that Westinghouse Solar possesses.
When coupled with the significant brand awareness the Westinghouse name
provides, one of the first items on our agenda was to bring these integrated ‘plug-and-play’ solar power systems, with fewer parts, superior safety and
faster install times to the Australian market,” said Gerry McGowan, Managing
Director and CEO of CBD.

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