Wild Brush in pact with New Energy Scout to set up wind farm

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Wild Brush in pact with New Energy Scout to set up wind farm

Greentech Lead Europe: Wild
Brush Energy and New Energy Scout, a provider of engineering and consulting
services, will join hands to set up a Wild Brush Energy Wind Farm.

New Energy Scout will deliver skills such as site scouting,
project planning, wind analysis, financial structuring, and construction of a
large-scale wind project.

The size of the Wild Brush Energy Wind Project will be
around 120 MW in size, offering green energy to supply over 40,000 homes with
electricity and offset nearly 260,000 tons of greenhouse gases. Total gross
electric sales over a 20-year period are estimated at over $740 million for a
project this size.

Global annual renewable energy investment has grown from
$160 billion in 2009 to over $211 billion in 2010. In 2009 President Obama
included more than $70 billion in direct spending and tax credits for clean
energy and associated programs. Much of this investment has been in wind and
solar technologies.

Wild Brush is presently exploring green energy producing
opportunities such as large scale Commercial Wind Farms, and Solar Energy
Paneling prospects, both within North America and abroad.

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