Windham Initiative for Renewable Energy to set up wind turbine at Windham High School

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Windham Initiative for Renewable Energy to set up wind turbine at Windham High School

Greentech Lead America: Windham Initiative for Renewable
Energy (WIRE) will initiate a wind turbine and photo voltaic solar array at
Windham High School.

Wind Guys USA from Rye Beach and ReVision Energy from
Exeter will install a Skystream 3.7 Wind Turbine and Energy System, and 12 –
240 watt photo voltaic panels on structurally engineered pole mounts.

The 2.4 kW, 12-foot diameter wind turbine will have the
ability to be easily tilted down by the faculty and used for study as part of
the renewable energy curriculum.

“Students will have the opportunity to see working
applications of concepts they have learned from class. Utilizing the tilt down
feature of the Skystream wind turbine, students will be able to take a closer
look at gearing, generator components, and associated electronics. Perhaps most
importantly, students will be able to collect long term data from the wind
turbine and solar panels for more significant project work and self-directed
investigation,” said Patrick Kaplo, physics teacher, WHS.

Data from the system will be studied to determine if
WIRE’s Beta project, which is to determine if a renewable energy system on a
much larger scale can be installed to truly offset some of the energy costs at
the high school, is viable.

This system achieves WIRE’s Alpha project goal which was
to include a moderate sized wind turbine that can be lowered for study,
photovoltaic solar array, weather station and monitoring system to be installed
at Windham High School and incorporated into the science and math curricula
allowing WHS students hands on experience as well as encourage and give a head
start to students that may be interested in pursuing various careers in the
burgeoning renewable energy field as they consider higher education choices.

“We are very excited to finally get to the part of the
project that will begin to impact our kids. The fundraising effort was long and
difficult, especially in this economic environment, but our residents,
corporate sponsors, The Windham Endowment, and our anonymous matching donor
have stepped up and made the difference,” said Alan Carpenter,

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