WRB and JPS sign for solar generation project deal

WRB Enterprises (WRB) and Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) have reached on a power purchase agreement (PPA) regarding JPS purchasing energy from WRB.

Commissioning of the plant is scheduled for September 2015.

According to a 20-year agreement with WRB’s Jamaican project company, Content Solar will deliver 20 MW of clean energy to the Jamaican grid.

An estimated US$60 million is estimated for the construction of this 20 MW project that will have 98,000 panels installed in Content Village, Clarendon Parrish.

This will be the largest photovoltaic installation in the English-speaking Caribbean, said, Bob Blanchard, president, CEO, WRB.

Besides, it is equivalent to approximately $170 million USD of foreign exchange over the 20-year term of the PPA.

The project is expected to provide clean, sustainable energy to more than 20,000 Jamaican families as well as create around 30 to 60 new jobs during construction, which will commence in October.

Jamaica imports more than 8.5 million gallons of fuel per year.

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