Apple patents technology incorporating green power into devices

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Apple has patented a technology titled “Wireless Devices With Touch Sensors And Solar Cells”.

The technology involves incorporation of solar cells into touch display surfaces of devices. It is to be used in future trackpads, Magic Mice, wireless keyboards and iPhones and will hugely improve battery life, a report says.


Theoretically, solar cells introduced in the functional top layers of devices would gather and convert ambient light into usable electrical energy. The energy produced can then be stored in a battery system or regulated capacitor.

According to the report, devices enabled with this technology would start harvesting energy from light once it runs out of juice. The energy generated would be used to power capacitive touch sensors, onboard processors, wireless radios and other components.

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Battery systems based on the technology have the potential to replace lithium-ion batteries that most devices currently use to power themselves. It would also put project clean energy into action.

Apple had filed its application for patenting solar-powered computer peripheral technology last January. And it credited Matthew E. Lang as its inventor.

The current device designs of Apple are considered ideal for implementation of alternative energy solutions. But the ability of the technology to supply adequate energy to facilitate long-term daily use is yet to be put to the test.

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