Greensmith launches energy storage system audit service StorageCheck

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Greensmith has launched StorageCheck, an audit service for energy storage systems.

The grid-scale energy storage software and integration solutions provider has stated that its service evaluates the design of energy storage systems and creates reports recommending necessary modifications to its users.

Greensmith claims StorageCheck will help energy storage system developers and owners improve performance and increase the return on investment (ROI) of their systems.

Construction delays, post-commissioning performance problems and catastrophic failures of storage systems result in significant damage in terms of finances and goodwill to owners and operators. Many failures are preventable and caused by sub-optimal system design.

Greensmith CEO John Jung says StorageCheck provides energy storage system developers and owners with second opinion on their system’s design, and therby helps them fix non-operational or poorly performing systems and improve design of those systems that are still under development.

The system is also able to support independent power producers, renewable energy facility operators and other energy storage system developers who are facing project delays or receiving sub-optimal performance from existing energy storage systems.

Greensmith says StorageCheck is dependent on a 10-point diagnostic tool to deliver its service. It helps identify current or potential problems with energy storage systems and their root causes. The system then recommends corrective measures, the release states.

Ajith Kumar S

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