Grundfos India on sustainability: Reduce water consumption by 50% by 2025

Mahathi Parashuram, head – Public Affairs, Grundfos Pumps India

At Grundfos we believe in doing our part in contributing to a more sustainable world. We therefore first take our own medicine and commit to reduce our environmental footprint throughout our value chain in buildings, processes and activities regardless whether we operate at a production line or in office. Taking our own medicine is more than anything about creating environmental mind-set, management commitment and involving employees.

Reducing energy consumption related to our activities and reducing our customers’ energy consumption is one of the most important aspects in the effort to realize our ambition to never emit more CO2 than in we did in 2008, despite the economic growth. We have also committed to reduce our total water consumption by 50 % of 2008 level by 2025 and to improve the quality of discharged water aiming for zero impact on the surrounding environment.

Aligning to its global sustainability focus, Grundfos India’s purpose is to commit towards helping its customers and the nation to conserve water and energy. The company will through all its actions, focus on how it can co-create value with its stakeholders by being a responsible partner for a cleaner and greener planet.

Grundfos India is also committed on trying to reduce the burden on power plants relying on fossil fuel through the introduction of its solar pumps. We have dedicated resources for the development of pumps that can operate on renewable energy supply. Through a series of systematic approach these solar pumps (CRflex, SQflex, MGflex) have been developed. These pumps are being designed for exclusively solar applications and are suitable for supplying water. It can operate at any voltage from 30 to 300 VDC or from 90 to 240 VAC. There are a wide range of pumps available which makes the pump sizing and selection easy for the customers. These pumps are simple to install and ensure a reliable water supply. There is virtually no maintenance required and above all they offer cost-effective pumping solutions.

Mahathi Parashuram, head – Public Affairs, Grundfos Pumps India

Grundfos India is working towards helping Indian industries and corporates save both energy and water not only through it’s highly energy efficient products but also through the energy and water audits it conducts. These audits are a complete system analysis of the energy and water consumption. Post the analysis the energy audit team recommends the best solutions to right size the systems; thereby helping conserve both these resources.

The company also contributes towards energy and water conservation by reducing its own impact on the environment. Its headquarters in Chennai is India’s first gold-rated green building (LEED certification by USGBC in 2005) and is energy efficient with 100% recycling of the sewage, rain water harvesting and with solar collectors and photovoltaics. Grundfos India’s factory also received the gold certification in 2011 from the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). In August 2013, the Grundfos office building was elevated to a LEED EB Platinum certification.

Grundfos India has launched a forum through the social media site, Facebook called ‘Ek Boondh Pani’ – signifying the importance of each drop of water. Through this page, members share water conservation tips and facts to encourage this awareness to be driven home.

Grundfos India is also working with students from elementary schools to universities to spread awareness on sustainability (energy and water conservation). The company encourages school visits to its facility to showcase the Green Building concept. Grundfos India has been successful in reaching out to 503,000 students since 2010. Through these students the company is influencing their family, friends and communities to conserve water.

Mahathi Parashuram, head – Public Affairs, Grundfos India

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