Itron to supply advanced meters to water utility YWS

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Energy and water solutions company Itron and UK-based private utility for water and waste-water services Yorkshire Water Services (YWS) have signed a water meter supply and installation deal.

Under the agreement YWS will be installing Itron’s advanced water meters for its residential as well as commercial customers.

YWS manages treatment and distribution of water in West Yorkshire. It supplies more than 1.2 billion liters of drinking water each day.

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Itron will be supplying up to 500,000 meters equipped with radio communication modules to YWS customers in Yorkshire over the next five years.

The meters offer customers the benefits of accurate consumption data, reliable leakage notifications and advanced alarm options.

Besides enabling YWS operations team to bill users for their actual consumption the meters will help customers to foster more conscious water habits, make informed decisions and save money.

Ajith Kumar S

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