Canadian Solar unveils residential energy storage system EP Cube

By Editor


Canadian Solar has unveiled its latest product, the EP Cube, which is their first residential energy storage system developed by Eternalplanet — during Intersolar Europe 2023.

The EP Cube stands out with its sleek and stylish design, allowing for versatile application in various home scenarios while simplifying transportation and installation processes. It features a stackable modular design, enabling homeowners to customize the system according to their specific energy requirements, with capacity options ranging from 6.6 kWh to 19.9 kWh.

One notable advantage of the EP Cube is its ability to automate power supply during outages, ensuring that high-power electrical appliances continue to operate seamlessly even in the absence of grid power. With the EP Cube, homeowners no longer need to worry about electricity shortages or instability in the power supply.

Furthermore, the EP Cube offers compatibility with PV systems, both existing and newly installed, supporting up to 16A DC input and AC input. It also accommodates the functionality of maximum 7.4 kW L2 EV chargers, addressing the concerns of electric vehicle owners by providing efficient charging capabilities for their cars.

To enhance user experience, homeowners can monitor real-time electricity generation, storage, and consumption through the EP Cube App. Additionally, the system supports over-the-air (OTA) firmware upgrading when connected to WiFi, ensuring continuous improvements and up-to-date features, Canadian Solar said.

The EP Cube utilizes lithium iron phosphate batteries known for their excellent thermal and chemical stability, and it has successfully passed IEC certification. Alongside its IP65 enclosure, the EP Cube offers homeowners a safe and reliable residential energy solution, providing peace of mind regarding their energy storage needs.

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