GE and DB Energie to optimize Deutsche Bahn rail power supply

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GE and Deutsche Bahn Energie (DB Energie) announced partnership to optimize Deutsche Bahn’s rail network’s power supply.

Under this deal, GE will provide power conversion technology for two of DB Energie GmbH’s converter stations, Bützow and Schwerin.

The converter station will convert power from the public utility grid, operating at a frequency of 110kV/50Hz, to feed into the de-central rail network 15kV/16.7Hz.

The converter station, which uses GE Power Conversion’s static frequency converter (SFC) technology, is scheduled for delivery between 2017 and 2018.

The solution ensures efficient power conversion and high power quality, optimizing rail system operations, the company said. It will also maximize efficiency through reducing the power consumption in the railway system on the two sites in Bützow and Schwerin in northern Germany.

GE’s power quality solutions are not only applicable for 16,7 Hz railway systems but also in 50 Hz rail operators worldwide.  They help optimize rail system operation and the solution will ultimately reduce failure time and maintenance needed.

Rajani Baburajan

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