E-waste firm YouChange, in pact with Hearts, unveils Project Love to recycle e-waste

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Greentech Lead America:Project Love, an exclusive recycling e-commerce based initiative, is formed between YouChange, a wholly owned subsidiary of Infinity Resources Holdings Corp, and Hearts, an ethical fashion brand.The project’s goals are to make recycling simple and fun and reduce the volume of electronics and cardboard going into landfills.

Through Project Love, Hearts’ customers recycle unused and unwanted electronics like smart phones, without adding to the existing 300-400 million electronic items or 30 million tons of boxes going to landfills per year.

Hearts customers can donate electronics to the program by going to www.youchange.com/projectlove and clicking the green “Donate Now” button where they will receive a return shipping label at no cost to them.

e-waste recycling at YouChange

After filling the repurposed Hearts shipper box with laptops, tablets, game consoles, GPS devices, mp3 players, e-readers, or digital cameras, a customer simply pastes on the shipping label and puts the box in the mail.

The box and electronics are then on their way to YouChange to be resold, recycled, or upcycled.

Once with YouChange, all personal data is removed from electronics and then handled in one of three ways: through refurbishment, upcycling, or responsible recycling.

Unused electronics, including unwanted iPhone 4s, are then resold by YouChange, which generates funds of which a portion are directed toward Hearts’ iHeart Change partner program which supports world causes; environmental sustainability, quality of life, freedom, human rights, education, or cultural awareness.

If refurbishment is not an option, the electronics will either be responsibly upcycled into future Hearts fashion-forward accessories or recycled properly in an appropriate facility.

Derrick Mains, president of YouChange, said, “We are thrilled to be partnering with Hearts for this innovative electronic recycling program. Electronic waste is a growing problem and through our partnership with Hearts.com we hope to be able to turn the tide on ewaste by offering Hearts.com customers a way to reduce their impact and make change in the world.”

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