GTSO and Chilerecicla partnership set to tap $9 billion e-waste market

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Greentech Lead America: Green Technology Solutions is making plans to translate its new partner Chilerecicla’s urban mining success to the United States.

The announcement comes in less than a week after finalizing a joint venture with Latin American e-waste recycler Chilerecicla.

Founded in 2009, Chilerecicla opened the first e-waste recycling plant in Southern Chile and specializes in direct removal of e-waste from clients’ offices for reuse and recycling. This will help GTSO grab a share of the growing global e-waste recycling and reuse services industry, which Transparency Market Research predicts accounted for more than $9 billion in 2012.

GTSO will help its partner expand its business to Chile’s neighbors. Latin American nations such as Chile lead the U.S. in recovering unwanted computers, electronics and other gadgets from the waste stream, but the U.S. remains a rich market for urban mining that GTSO is determined to tap.

According to the EPA, only about 25 percent of electronic waste is collected in the U.S., with about 38 percent of that waste stemming from computers.

Urban mining is key to GTSO’s plans to compete alongside major international corporations striving for sustainable waste solutions, such as Industrial Services of America and Sims Metal Management, the company said.

Late last year, GTSO acquired the company Global Cell Buyers and soon after rebranded the company as Green Urban Mining to handle its domestic recycling and resale operations.

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