HJB–Tatva to develop integrate waste treatment facility in Oman

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Omani contracting firm Hasan Juma Backer Trading and Contracting (HJB) and Tatva Global Environment of India are to jointly construct a $20-million, integrated waste treatment storage and disposal facility at Duqm.

Duqm is a green-field industrial and maritime hub located in the special economic zone (SEZ) on the Wusta coast of Oman.

The special economic zone authority of Duqm (SEZAD) was in charge of overseeing the award of contract on behalf of Oman Environmental Services Holding (Be’ah), the sultanate-owned entity which handles management of solid waste.

According to a report, HJB–Tatva will handle Phase-I development of an integrated waste treatment scheme, which includes two landfills dedicated to storage of municipal solid waste and industrial waste respectively.

In subsequent phases, more storage capacity will be developed to support infrastructure, a report states.

The joint venture will be required to design and build a landfill cell covering 80,000 square meters for municipal waste storage.

The cell will feature composite lining facilities and a leachate collection and removal system. It will also have evaporation ponds with capacity of roughly 5,000 cubic metres.

The landfill for industrial wastes will treat refuse from industries in Duqm. Covering roughly 10,000 square meters, the facility will be suitably reinforced with double composite lining, equipped to detect leachate, and contain a collection and removal system.

It will also house storage, pre-sorting and sampling spaces, besides quarantine areas for hazardous industrial waste.

HJB-Tatva has already scooped contracts to build engineered landfills in Barka, Sur and Sohar on behalf of Be’ah.

Tatva is one of India’s largest and most diversified providers of waste management services. It handles collection, treatment, recycling and disposal of regular and hazardous solid waste.

Its customer base includes cities, townships, municipalities, industrial estates, and commercial, industrial and residential customers across the country.

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