Rare earth minerals company GTSO expands to booming South American E-waste market

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Greentech Lead America:Green Technology Solutions (GTSO), a company engaged in exploring rare earth minerals and precious metals production around the world, has partnered with Chilean recycler Chilerecicla to expand to booming South American e-waste market.Last month, GTSO signed a letter of intent with Chilerecicla as a first step toward expanding its recycling footprint into the booming Latin American market.

South America has huge potential for urban mining operations. GTSO’s expansion is a natural step to capture a piece of this emerging market.

Urban mining is key to GTSO’s plans to compete alongside major international corporations striving for sustainable waste solutions, such as Industrial Services of America and Sims Metal Management.

Efforts to replicate Chilerecicla’s success in neighboring Latin American nations would be an ambitious project for both companies.

The potential partnership would allow GTSO to help fund the expansion of Chilerecicla’s e-waste recycling business in exchange for hands-on experience establishing the necessary facilities and processes that could be then be transferred to operations planned for the U.S.

Founded in 2009, Chilerecicla opened the first e-waste recycling plant in Southern Chile. The company specializes in the direct removal of electronic waste from clients’ offices facilities for transport to its central plant as well as the sale of reusable materials.

Global Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) recycling market is expected to grow to $1,869.3 million in 2017 with a strong CAGR of 4 percent, according to Frost & Sullivan.

WEEE market is forecasted grow stronger in North America, which is expected to grow aggressively to combat increasing waste volumes, according to Frost & Sullivan.

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