Aclara introduces automated water leak detection technology

Aclara has developed STAR ZoneScan, an automated detection system to locate underground water leaks.

Using this apparatus, leaking problems within just three feet of ground can be detected by collecting and analyzing acoustic data, which will help in repairing these spots.

Around, 10 – 20 percent of water in distribution systems gets lost due to leaks and for old infrastructure the loss may rise up to 50 percent.

According to the studies, there are an estimated 240,000 water main breaks in the United States each year.

The STAR ZoneScan system can detect underground leaks before they become major problems. It provides an early warning system that identifies problem spots within feet of the defect, stated, Allan Connolly, CEO, Aclara.

Additionally, this apparatus automates collection, recovery and analysis of acoustic data composed throughout the water system, recording the noise vibrations.


With the help of Aclara’s two-way, fixed-network automated metering infrastructure (AMI) technology, the system collects the measure of leak-intelligence units.

Besides, the AMI technology manages two-way communication between the utility head-end and endpoints and time-synchronized initiation of sound recordings.

The highly sensitive acoustic data loggers deployed at valves of the water-distribution network acts as the central to the system. The devices monitor the noise characteristics within the pipe and send the collected data to the water utility.

Moreover, the data from individual leak-intelligence units is automatically correlated with the help of software applications that provide visual identification to find out exact location of leaks.

Repair crews can then dig at the exact leaking point saving cost and speeding up repairs.

The STAR ZoneScan system provides information with minimal operator involvement. After installation, operators can monitor the system and analyze results from office. Further, they can be deployed as a stand-alone or added to an existing system.

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