APATEQ eyes big in North America for oil water treatment

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APATEQ, the water and wastewater specialist has announced a six month lasting road show to advertise their water treatment program in North America.

The water treatment program for oil-water separation uses sing ‘OilPaq’ technology.

The road show including the demo of water treatment will start from oil- and gas fields in Kansas and Texas in September and end in Alberta of Canada in 2015.


With this program, the company plans to establish its presence in the North American market that faces severe water scarcity.

The water treatment service can be delivered on-site and on-demand at low operational costs, the company claims.

The solution is based on APATEQ’s proprietary membrane treatment technology. It provides a solution to separate emulsified oil from water without the need of adding chemicals. The recovered oil can be processed in refineries.

The pilot plant will treat produced water directly on-site at the oil well according to ATEX guidelines. This will reduce transportation and storage costs further.

Overall, the operational costs of APATEQ oil-water separation system will be as low as $0.50 per barrel, a revolutionary rate compared to other conventional market solutions, the company added.

Currently, an upgraded version of the system capable of treating different types of water from different wells producing a re-usable effluent is under assembling process in Luxembourg.

Recently, the company shipped a containerized produced water treatment system to a European customer.

APATEQ, located in Luxembourg, started its operation with the engineering and manufacturing of compact wastewater treatment plants and systems for the treatment of industrial wastewater.

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