BSH Certifies SeaCURE BWTS for wide range of flow rates

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The Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency of Germany has certified the SeaCURE BWTS system to operate in volumes from 500-4,000m3/hr. suitable for container, LNG, tanker and other vessels.

In addition to IMO type approval, the SeaCURE system is USCG AMS accepted to operate in all salinities.

The SeaCURE system adapts a patented technology of first injecting biocide into ballast seawater to reduce the growth of marine organisms. Then Chloropac concentric tubular electrodes (CTE) produce sodium hypochlorite from the natural salinity in sea water by eliminating the need to purchase biocides and store them.


In addition, it also offers low energy requirements and low maintenance costs due to the self-cleaning feature. Proprietary control logic monitors the dose level of biocide needed to provide the efficacy depending on water conditions.

Chloropac electrodes offer proved technology in more than 2,500 installations for last 35 years worldwide. It is available in compact form as well as modular components depending on customer’s choice needed for installation.

Besides, the system benefits ship owners of any size providing low operating costs that can be deployed on any trade lane irrespective of salinity, said, David Palmer, product manager, SeaCURE.

The system suits well with retrofit installations as the biocide generation happens in a small side stream from the ballast water main by minimizing the footprint and maximizing work space.

The side stream generation method gives advantages during the installation on tanks because the modules can be arranged in such a way that the filter and analyzer modules remain in the danger area and the main parts are kept in the safe area.

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