CCEMC offers $40 million to support energy efficiency projects

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CCEMC offers $40 million to support energy efficiency projects

Greentech Lead America: Climate Change and Emissions
Management (CCEMC) has offered$40 million in funding to support energy
efficiency projects.

CCEMC is looking for technology that can be deployed to
produce significant greenhouse gas reductions.

“For this round of funding, our focus is on energy
efficiency initiatives that hold potential for broader adoption in Alberta, but
wouldn’t be feasible without additional financial support. We want to help
organizations address financial barriers head-on,” said said CCEMC Chair
Eric Newell.

Eligible organizations include organizations that emit over
50,000 tons of CO2e annually, as well as municipalities, utilities and
commercial operations that can estimate emissions reductions based on either
Alberta’s Quantification Protocol for Energy Efficiency Projects or
the Quantification Protocol for Energy Efficiency in Commercial and
Institutional Buildings.

CCEMC said it will match up to one-third of unencumbered
private sector cash contributions to a maximum of $7 million per project.
However, CCEMC will not match federal or provincial Canadian government funds
or in-kind non-cash contributions.

Preference will be offered to projects that will deliver
direct, significant, sustainable emissions reductions in Alberta on a facility
basis with broad deployment potential.

The best projects will be identified and invited to submit
full detailed proposals to be considered for funding.

Projects must be located in Alberta but development work is
acceptable if it leads directly to the installation of technology or process at
an Alberta location.

Eligible projects will demonstrate how significant
reductions in GHG emissions will be achieved in Alberta by applying commercial
and near-commercial energy efficiency technologies.

Funding for CCEMC is collected from industry.

Since 2007, Alberta companies that annually produce more
than 100,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions are legally required to reduce
their greenhouse gas intensity by 12 percent.

By the end of 2010, the Climate Change and Emissions
Management Fund had collected more than $254 million.

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