Cyclone partners with CleanCarbon to develop renewable energy projects in Australia

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Cyclone partners with CleanCarbon to develop renewable energy projects in Australia

Greentech Lead Australia: Cyclone Power Technologies, a
developer of all-fuel, clean-tech Cyclone Engine, has partnered with
CleanCarbon, a clean technology commercialization and management company based
in Australia, to pursue renewable energy development projects in Australia.

The partnership will focus on government and private
contracts for the commercialization of Cyclone technology for the agricultural
and municipal waste industries.

The partnership foresees opportunities related to
bio-fuel usage and waste-to-energy systems. The parties envision that Cyclone
products could assist over 135,000 farms in Australia generate revenue from
that nation’s Federal Clean Energy Futures Program. Cyclone technology can help
farmers reduce on-farm costs, waste and greenhouse emissions by producing and
using their own fuels to power farm equipment and distributed electrical

CleanCarbon is affiliated to the leading agriculture
industry group SANTFA, which is dedicated to demonstrating and integrating new
technologies for sustainable modern farming. Cyclone
will leverage CleanCarbon’s vast contacts and profound experience in the $155
billion Australian farm industry to market its products in the country.

“We’re very pleased to team with CleanCarbon, and
see great opportunities through this partnership to create value from our two engine
patents in Australia. Over the last few months we have made considerable
progress developing our small-scale waste-to-energy solutions and establishing
the groundwork for expansion into the prospering Australasian territory,
culminating in this important agreement. We strongly believe that we have the
right team, technology and focus to build a profitable business in the
agricultural industry that can then be expanded to farms worldwide,” said
Christopher Nelson, president of Cyclone.

The partners will also work with Enginuity Energy, with
whom Cyclone entered into a Teaming Agreement in March 2012 to develop
sustainable, on-site power generation from waste products. Enginuity Energy’s
patented, scalable Ecoremedy gasifier technology converts both high and low
quality biomass (including animal bio-waste) into thermal energy that can be
used to power Cyclone Engines.

Cyclone Power Technologies receives patent for waste energy
recycling engine in Australia

Cyclone recently received a patent in Australia for its
scalable waste energy recycling engine. The engine is known as the WHE and this
patent will help Cyclone further explore opportunities to commercialize its
green engine technology for the Australian agriculture and mining industries.

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