DAE Americana deploys Itron water management system

By Editor


Itron announced its deal with the Department of Water and Sewage (DAE) of Americana in Sao Paulo, Brazil for the deployment of its water management system.

DAE aims to reduce water loss and improve visibility into its water system with the deployment of Itron water management solution.

The utility, responsible for 80,000 water and sewage connections, serves the city of Americana, which reports losses of up to 40 percent. DAE Americana will deploy Itron’s water meters and Itron’s Water Operations Management platform in order to upgrade its water infrastructure.

Itron’s solution will assist DAE Americana to execute its plan to reduce the rate of water loss in its distribution system. The deployment will begin in areas with the highest leak rates in the city.

DAE Americana will use Itron’s residential and volumetric meters to measure water, adjust pressure and improve system awareness to mitigate water loss.

DAE will utilize Itron’s Water Operations Management platform to store data and optimize operations with its mapping functionality. The utility will manage apparent and real water losses with the platform, which uses innovative algorithms and dashboards to prevent loss, said Carlos Cezar Zappia, managing director of DAE.

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