e-SENS launches silicon-based solution for water profiling

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e-SENS launches silicon-based solution for water profiling

Greentech Lead U.S: e-SENS Corporation, based in Research
Park in Salt Lake City, UT, is the new company dedicated to offering
silicon-based solutions for water profiling.

The company has announced initial investments, and the
first product is being prepared expecting to ship samples within a year.

The potable water
profiling system uses electrochemical sensors based on patented, and
microfabricated, semiconductor “lab-on-a-chip” technology, that simultaneously
tests for up to 18 disinfectant and infrastructure critical analytes and
parameters in water, in under five minutes. These analytes and parameters of
water are critical to the management of potable water quality and safety.

The patents for the sensor technology are licensed to
e-SENS from the University of Michigan for exclusive worldwide use. 

Michael McCorquodale, president, chief operating officer
and co-founder of e-SENS, said, “Our silicon-based system leverages over three
decades of research and will be a major advance in giving users a complete,
comprehensive and nearly instant picture of the quality of the water we depend
on and take for granted. This change mirrors the many ways that silicon
technology is transforming the world now, from communications and photography,
to music and reading.”

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