EuroSite Power in pact with LowC Communities to promote natural gas fuelled CNG

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EuroSite Power in pact with LowC Communities to promote natural gas fuelled CNG

Greentech Lead Europe: EuroSite Power, a provider of
clean electricity, heat, hot water and cooling solutions to hospitality,
healthcare, housing and leisure centers in the UK and Europe, has signed a deal
with renewable energy provider LowC Communities.

The agreement enables LowC to promote the company’s
natural gas fuelled combined heat and power (CHP), Chiller, Heat Pump and
On-Site Utility solutions alongside its own renewable technologies, based on an
array of fuels – including pure plant oils, biomass and waste products.

The agreement covers both the United Kingdom and Republic
of Ireland. The company will promote LowC’s complimentary solutions alongside
its own products and services.

“LowC and EuroSite Power offer complimentary
technologies. By working together we can deliver a complete range of CHP
technologies across the UK and Europe,” said Paul Hamblyn, managing
director of EuroSite Power.

Working together with LowC, EuroSite Power can access
more potential projects helping to boost growth of its UK business in 2012.

“LowC offers an outstanding range of innovative,
low-carbon, renewable energy technologies. Our team is very experienced at
integrating renewables into a wide range of buildings and including a natural
gas solution within our portfolio is a logical choice for us,” said
Richard Griffin, chief executive officer of LowC Communities.

Under the company’s On-Site Utility solution a customer
will pay only for the energy used and will avoid all capital, installation and
operating costs. The company will also handle all service, maintenance and
repair. There is no need for the site owner or occupier to provide manpower to
support the energy equipment.

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