Fortrans offers cost-effective wastewater treatment with Dif-Jet gas infuser

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Greentech Lead America:Fortrans, a manufacturer of pH Control systems, aeration systems and environmentally safe and low toxicity specialty chemicals for the concrete industry, has unveiled a new technology to aerate wastewater.The Dif-Jet gas infusion device does not make bubbles; instead, it infuses oxygen from air or pure oxygen into the water; therefore it is less expensive than ordinary diffusers, injectors and sparger designs for aeration of wastewater.

Dif-Jet devices require less energy and can put more oxygen into water than blower systems or compressed air systems utilizing diffusers. Typically, no filters are required prior to gas infusion due to device design.

Typical infusion rates of 90% to 95% dissolved oxygen using air and well above saturation levels using pure oxygen.

The patent-pending design allows wastewater treatment without causing fouling or due to high solids or dissolved minerals in the water.  It can dissolve gases such as air, oxygen, carbon dioxide gas, ozone and nitrogen gas into water. The patent-pending design also allows for mixing multiple gases into water when desired or required.

Fortrans Dif-Jet gas infusion system

Industries can use Dif-Jet gas infusion devices to easily reduce Chemical Oxygen Demand and Biological Demand levels in wastewater and eliminate COD and BOD surcharges from municipal wastewater treatment plants.

The devices and system designs are highly scalable in terms of capacity to treat high volumes of water. The Dif-Jet gas infusion devices and systems are easily incorporated into existing treatment systems and are available in PVC and stainless steel designs.

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