FuturaGene starts regulatory field trial for Yield enhanced eucalyptus plantations in Brazil

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FuturaGene starts regulatory field trial for Yield enhanced eucalyptus plantations in Brazil

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: FuturaGene, a company focusing in plant genetic research and
development for the global forestry, biopower and biofuel markets, has received
approval from the Brazilian National Technical Commission on Biosafety (CTNBio)
to initiate its fourth regulatory field trial for yield enhanced eucalyptus
plantations in Brazil.

The trial will evaluate plantation agronomic properties and
biosafety of a specific genetically modified event. Biosafety data from trials
in geographic areas representative of eucalyptus plantations in Brazil are
required for inclusion in a regulatory dossier to the CTNBio to obtain market
approval for modified organisms in Brazil.

“Over the past six years we have successfully
demonstrated that our technology delivers sustainably increased yields for
plantation forestry. This pioneering fourth trial is a key step towards the
commercial deployment of our first plantation product designed to meet the ever
increasing demands for energy at a time of declining land and water resources,”
said Stanley Hirsch, CEO of FuturaGene.

FuturaGene plans to plant the trial in the coming two weeks.
The planting of the trial will be the culmination of a series of regulated
selection, evaluation and biosafety trials which was initiated in 2006, with
the first performance evaluation trial planted in a collaboration between
Suzano Pulp and Paper (Suzano) and FuturaGene.

After successful completion of the regulatory trials
FuturaGene plans to submit a dossier to the CTNBio, requesting regulatory
approval to deploy its yield enhanced eucalyptus.

“This is the most advanced trial in the world of an
enhanced yield plantation forest and we are delighted that FuturaGene has
achieved this important milestone. We continue with our plan to deploy our
technology commercially in the next four-to-five years,” Hirsch added.

In 2011, FuturaGene established its first research
and development centre in China with a team of scientists dedicated to helping
the country meet its demand for sustainable fibre production and renewable
energy sources.

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