GARB wins $36 million consulting contract for Asia Pacific

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GARB wins $36 million consulting contract for Asia Pacific

Greentech Lead Asia: Garb Oil & Power
Corporation announced that it has been awarded a consulting contract for
$36,000,000 by Hong Kong Alliance (HKA) HKA. The contract will involve
consulting on a variety of recycling areas from glass to ferrous and
non-ferrous material, to MSW, wood, paper, electronic waste (Ewaste) and tires
for the Asia Pacific Region, east of India.

As per the contract, Garb will work with HKA to a set of
deliverables that HKA will present every month. The minimum fee agreed between
Garb and HKA is $3,000,000 per month starting from August 31, 2012 and finish
July 2013.

Garb will provide the services including feasibility
studies, project analysis and review, best suitable approach, project
management, general consulting on all aspects of recycling, Solutions and best
equipment, presentations, Licenses and possible patents transfer at both
Country and regional level.

“This is a great result for Garb. I would like to
congratulate all of our team for their effort and contribution. This contract
and the revenue it will generate will help Garb stay current and up to date in
its filing. It will further provide internal investment possibilities for
building new Ewaste plants. Our new consulting division has provided an opening
into a new market. Garb will continue investing in this market place, while
also focusing on its prime objective of building and managing its own
plants,” said John Rossi, president and CEO of Garb.

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