Gevo to build cellulosic isobutanol production facility in Malaysia

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Gevo to build cellulosic isobutanol production facility in Malaysia

By Greentech Lead Asia: Gevo, a renewable chemicals and
next-generation biofuels company, has signed a collaborative agreement with
Malaysian government’s East Coast Economic Region Development Council (ECERDC),
Malaysian Biotechnology Corp (BiotechCorp) and the State Government of
Terengganu to initiate a cellulosic biomass isobutanol facility in Southeast

Gevo is strategically partnering along the supply chain
to provide biobased isobutanol at a cost competitive price. The collaboration
offers a diversified feedstock, organized approach and the opportunity to
develop an economically advantaged business plan to meet this expanding market.

“The establishment of a Gevo facility in East Coast
Economic Region Malaysia is further testament to investors’ confidence in the
Region and we look forward to facilitating Gevo’s investment in Malaysia,” said
Jebasingam Issace John, chief executive officer of the ECERDC.

With this collaboration, Gevo is targeting to have a cellulosic
plant operational by late 2015 or early 2016. Gevo plans to construct a
fermentation facility to produce bio isobutanol made from cellulosic biomass at
Biorefinery Complex in Kertih, Terengganu.

“The technology for a sustainable cellulosic feedstock is
expected to be commercially viable this year, so now is the appropriate time to
begin our cellulosic platform,” said Ryan. “We’re excited to follow the demand,
especially since Southeast Asia is one of the fastest growing chemical markets,
and Malaysia provides an excellent growth opportunity for Gevo,” said Chris
Ryan, president and chief operating officer, Gevo.

Gevo joins forces with VP Racing Fuels to develop and market specialty
fuel blends

Recently, Gevo partnered with VP Racing Fuels, a provider
of performance fuel technology and high-quality specialty fuel blends, to
jointly evaluate the commercial potential for isobutanol in a wide array of
markets.The partnership enables the companies to initially assess market
opportunities, positioning and distribution channels to
commercialize renewable fuels for outdoor power equipment.

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