Global Water Technologies to introduce Martinek early leak detection system in US

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Global Water Technologies to introduce Martinek early leak detection system in US

Greentech Lead America: Global Water Technologies has
signed a new partnership agreement with Martinek Water Management, an Austrian
company that has developed a patented sensor and software system for early leak
detection in water mains.

As per the agreement, Global Water Technologies will
introduce Martinek’s sensor and software system in the United States, as a
majority of the country is currently experiencing drought conditions and
improving water efficiency demands urgency.

“This is a significant step forward in our
previously announced effort to address water infrastructure issues. As water
needs become more acute, we can no long afford to continue losing large amounts
of drinking water through leaking pipes and broken water mains,” said Erik
Hromadka, CEO of Global Water Technologies.

The technology targets water loss in drinking water
systems, where aging underground pipes typically lose 20 percent or more of
treated water before it reaches customers.

The system provides real-time monitoring of pressure,
flow and sound metrics in water mains and analyzes that data to provide early
notification of changes in leak conditions. The system is a first step in the
Global Water Technologies’ effort to develop an early warning system for water
main breaks,

“We are pleased to be working with Global Water
Technologies to introduce this system in North America. This technology has
been used successfully in Europe and we look forward to showing how it can help
to improve water efficiency as part of creating a smarter water network,”
said Peter Martinek, president of Martinek Water Management.

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