Go Green Global Technologies appoints Geoffrey G. Grzywinski as president and COO

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Go Green Global Technologies appoints Geoffrey G. Grzywinski as president and COO

Greentech Lead America: Go Green Global
Technologies, an early-stage clean technology company focused on developing and
marketing innovative solutions to environmental issues in the water and fuel
markets, has named Geoffrey (Geoff) Grzywinski as president and chief operating
officer. He will report to John D’Alessandro, chief executive officer and
chairman of the Board of directors. 

“Leadership is a fundamental key to success for any
early-stage company, and thus we are extremely pleased to have Geoff join our
team as President and COO immediately. He is just the type of energetic
and entrepreneurial business leader needed by Go Green during this important
stage in our development,” said D’Alessandro, CEO of Go Green.  

Grzywinski will be responsible for continuing to build
the organization needed to commercialize Go Green’s existing product line,
generating sustainable revenues from operations, interfacing with the
investment community and ultimately creating value for Go Green’s shareholders.

Grzywinski has succeeded Edward Minnema who resigned as
president of Go Green. Grzywinski will also serve on Go Green’s Board of

Geoff brings 18 years of diverse and valuable experience
from the technology manufacturing industry. Most recently he held the position
of Director of Information Technology from 2009 through 2011. Prior to joining
the company Grzywinski was an employee-owner of Reflexite Corporation in Avon,

“I am highly enthusiastic about this opportunity. Go
Green’s product pipeline and proprietary technologies have tremendous potential
to address several major environmental problems. We have a very unique
opportunity to build a business whose impact extends far beyond our employees,
our local community, and our shareholders,” said Grzywinski.

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