Grace in pact with Braskem for green chemicals production

Grace in pact with Braskem for green chemicals production

Greentech Lead America: Grace, a global supplier of
innovative catalyst technologies, has signed an agreement with Braskem, a
thermoplastics resin producer, to develop process technologies and catalyst
solutions to produce green chemicals.

Through this agreement, both companies will accelerate
the commercialization of a process to convert renewably sourced feedstocks into
value-added products.

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to work in cooperation with the world
leader in green plastics. This collaboration demonstrates our commitment to
become a leading supplier of catalysts to the renewable chemicals industry,”
said George Young, vice president of new business development at Grace.

The technology under development in the Grace-Braskem
collaboration is based on carbon sources from renewable agricultural processes
that contribute to lower carbon emissions than traditional feedstocks.

Braskem has plans to expand production of sugar-based bio-polyolefins.

 “We continue to innovate to meet market needs for
more sustainable solutions. We’re convinced this partnership will enable us to
do this better,” said Edmundo Aires, vice president of corporate innovation and
technology at braskem.

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