Green Earth Technologies signs distributor agreement with E&B Green Solutions

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Green Earth Technologies signs distributor agreement with E&B Green Solutions


Green Earth Technologies, a producer and marketer of
green environmentally safer consumer packaged goods and products, announced ITS
distributor agreement with E&B Green Solutions, an affiliate of E&B
Natural Resources.

E&B is a national independent oil and gas producer
with subsidiaries in the oil and gas well service business who will be
responsible for the distribution of G-CLEAN products engineered to help
overcome the challenges of working in America’s oil fields. 

G-CLEAN products are based on colloidal chemistry, where
plant-based, non-toxic, nano-sized particles work at the molecular level to
penetrate larger hydrocarbon molecules creating a colloidal micelle that
disrupts the molecular bonding of long chain hydrocarbons creating nano-scopic
emulsified droplets with larger surface areas which allow resident bacteria to
metabolize. This proprietary base is listed on the EPA’s National Contingency
Plan (NCP) for oil spill clean-ups.

“Increased energy demands have expanded the
obstacles faced by the oil and gas industry as they try to preserve and do ‘no-harm’ to the delicate ecosystem in which they drill wells. Our cleaning
products are a ‘natural’ for the oil and gas well service industry and E&B Natural Resources has the experience and the technical know-how to take our
products to that market,” said Jeffrey Loch, president and CMO of Green Earth Technologies.

Whether restoring tired, non-producing oil wells,
treating “frac” tanks, or cleaning and degreasing a drilling rig, the
G-CLEAN assortment of well service products can help make the oil fields
greener and contribute to a cleaner environment.

“Our testing with G-CLEAN has been very successful.
The application of a bio-based, environmentally friendly series of oil well
servicing products will allow operators and service companies alike to continue
to grow and prosper, all while reducing our environmental footprint in the
process,” said Jessica O’Brien, vice president of E&B Green Solutions.

G-CLEAN’s products can help reduce man hours and the need
for transportation of waste fluids while reducing the volatile organic
compounds (VOCs) present in the well environment.  Non-flammable,
non-corrosive and odor free, these highly concentrated products will not react
with other chemistries and contain no ozone-depleting substances. All
G-CLEAN Oil Field Products are made from renewable resources, biodegradable and
safe for people, pets and plants.


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