H2O Innovation to complete water treatment system for Larsen & Toubro ahead of schedule

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H2O Innovation to complete water treatment system for Larsen & Toubro ahead of schedule

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Lead Team:
H2O Innovation India announced that it is presently
completing the water treatment system which it has designed, assembled, and
installed for the nuclear forging facility of Larsen & Toubro Heavy

ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis technologies, this water treatment and
reuse system is unique in India. Fed with Tapi river’s water, the membrane
filtration system developed by H2O Innovation India has a total capacity exceeding 7,000 m3/day (approx. 1,321

The system’s
global recovery rate reaches 90 percent, which reduces losses in this arid
region of India. The system uses Amiad automatic pre-filters, Dow PVDF
ultrafiltration membranes and Hydranautics high-tech ESPA2-LD reverse osmosis
membranes with low fouling potential.

To reduce
noise produced by the system, H2O Innovation India’s and L&T’s
engineers have installed the feed and recirculation pumps below ground level –
a vanguardist practice in India.

This project
was signed after the foundation of H2O Innovation India and has been
completed following an accelerated timeframe of 18 months.

technology transfer between H2O Innovation and our Indian
joint-venture has been instrumental for the execution of this project, and it
will remain a key factor for our future achievements in India,” said Guillaume Clairet,
vice president, Strategic Business Development of H2O Innovation

Innovation India will continue to provide a support of its system’s operations
for Larsen & Toubro in Hazira, a flagship project for a prestigious client.

our Indian team will focus on the execution of the other projects of its
backlog. Our Indian pairs will have the opportunity to call on H2O
Innovation’s engineers and experts, who will be numerous to visit them over the
next weeks and months to continue knowledge sharing between our teams,”
said Frédéric
Dugre, president & CEO of H2O Innovation

Innovation India is a joint-venture between Chembond Chemicals and H2O
Innovation from Quebec City. Chembond and the company respectively own 51
percent and 49 percent of H2O Innovation India’s shares.

Innovation India inaugurated in March 2011 a 10,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant
near Vadodara, State of Gujarat. This plant has been instrumental in the
manufacturing and pre-assembly of some key components of the system delivered
to L&T. The plant’s manufacturing capabilities are equivalent to those of
the company’s plants located in Quebec and in the United States.

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