Hyde Marine launches B-box for ballast water treatment Service

Hyde Marine has announced that they will be adapting a new ballast water test system, named B-box that conduct accurate analysis of the chemical concentrations or organisms present in ballast water.

The instrument has been brought from the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ) who have invented and designed this technology.

This service was to aid Ballast Water Treatment (BWT) companies and ship owners to test BWT system operation including the physical and chemical variables present in ballast water.


Over the past two years, NIOZ has tested the system widely with Hyde Marine to ensure its efficacy for maritime use.

Further, the real-world performance was conducted with Hyde GUARDIAN Gold BWT system, which uses competent filtration and ultraviolet disinfection method to treat ballast water to prevent the spreading of any infection from port to port.

Moreover, B-box is a water sampling box that contains sample bottles for filling treated ballast water, mixed with chemicals, and dispatched to NIOZ for validation. NIOZ professionals perform tests as requested by Hyde Marine and submit analysis about present chemicals and organisms in the water.

B-box system, allows ship owners to have an idea of their ballast water samples accurately. The NIOZ testing is expected to validate the Hyde GUARDIAN Gold ballast water treatment system performance and inform ship owners about the investment they made in complying with IMO regulations, said, John Platz, president, Hyde Marine.

According to Louis Peperzak, project leader, Ballast Water Test Facility and Research Center, NIOZ, B-box improves confidence among vendors, ship owners and port state control.

The B-box minimizes the non-compliance risk and pays to the database of water quality and ballast water treatment system performance in harbors around the world, Peperzak said.

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