India Wastewater Treatment Industry Sees the Growth of Organized Sector

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Greentech Lead India: According to a new report from Frost & Sullivan, the wastewater treatment market in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15percent till 2018, in terms of industry revenues.

Indian market for wastewater treatment plants is heavily unorganized, with almost half of the market share being held by small and mid-sized domestic players.

According to Central Pollution Control Board of India, the municipal sewage treatment plants installed in the states have optimum capacity to treat the sewage generated in those particular regions. However, the treatment plants are not able to meet their installed capacity and fail to operate efficiently because of sewage overload and other technological failures.

The growing concerns to meet optimum treatment capacity of plants is contributing to the growth of organized sector as the players in the organized sector, through their technological competence and skilled manpower can design appropriate plants with proper operation & maintenance services, the report said.

In 2012, major share of waste water treatment plants market was held by municipal wastewater treatment plants. Increasing population of India coupled with increasing urbanization and expected mandate for municipal corporations for treating and using sewage water for non-potable purposes will help the sewage treatment plants to hold a major share in waste water treatment plants market by 2018.

The effluent treatment plants segment is growing at healthy rate in terms of volume. This is influenced by mandatory obligations for every industry to have these plants in their vicinity to treat wastewater. The Government of India is expected to make it compulsory to install effluent treatment plants in restaurants and food joints.

This will further expand the market for industrial waste water treatment plants and will help the market witness strong growth in terms of value and volume. The report also forebodes that Wabag India and Paramount Limited are expected to maintain their lead in waste water treatment plants market by 2018.

In another report of wastewater industry in Europe, Frost & Sullivan said that water treatment processes are highly energy-intensive and energy usage is only set to intensify with an ever increasing tightening of regulations requiring additional levels of treatment.

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