International Water Association appoints Diane d’Arras as new president


International Water Association announced Diane d’Arras as the new President of the association, taking over Professor Helmut Kroiss.

Diane has been an active member of the IWA for many years, and has served on the organisation’s Board for the last six years. She is currently executive VP Water Europe, Suez Water Europe.

A civil engineer for nearly forty years, Diane d’Arras is becoming President of the world’s largest international association of water professionals at a time of great challenges, changes and opportunities for addressing some of the most critical water issues facing humanity.

olving these challenges is one of Diane’s main motivations for working in the water sector, and for serving as IWA President. She is particularly concerned with solving the lack of access to water and sanitation worldwide.

“There is a political momentum around water with the launch of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, which make a powerful commitment to ensure universal access to water and basic sanitation. We must also focus strongly on building water resilience for communities and cities that are increasingly impacted by climate change and water scarcity,” says Diane d’Arras.

“Today we have both the political will and the professional solutions. The IWA has a vital role to play in delivering both of these agendas,” she added.

Rajani Baburajan

[email protected]